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Asset Liquidation Co. specializes in commercial and residential services, including several kinds of estate sales, appraisals, and consignment sales. We offer on-site auctions and liquidations for cost effectiveness and convenience. We provide free consultations to help determine how our services can best benefit you. Call us today for more information!

Estate Sales
Settlement Sales - Moving Sales - Bankruptcy Liquidations

Why should you choose Asset Liquidation Co. for Estate Sales?

Convenience and Peace of Mind - Asset Liquidation Co. will handle every little detaile of the sale.
Professional Appraisals - We will take steps to ensure that your merchandise is fairly priced.
Years of Experience - Asset Liquidation Co. has been in business for more than 60 years, and we have many satisfied customers who can provide sparkling references.
Safety - We are licensed and bonded. For your protection.

Our Estate Sales Services Include:

• Appraising and tagging the merchandise
• Arrangement of the items
• Scheduling of the sale
• Advertizing of the sale
• Security provisions

Consignment Sales

Asset Liquidation Co. also handles consignments. We are specialists in fine jewelry, antiques and collectibles.

A few reasons you should select Asset Liquidation Co. for your consignment sale:

Professional Appraisals As always, we will ensure your items are fairly priced
Ease and Convenience We will arrange for your item sale, advertising, and pickup.
Experienced In business in San Antonio for many years
References Available

Call us for a free consultation.
We will advise you of your options, answer any questions, and let you make your own decisions.
Fair Market Value Appraisals

Why would you want an appraisal? Other than simply being curious about the value of that old painting in the attic?

There are several reasons. Moving trucks bring new families here to San Antonio every single day. But sometimes the moving companies can damage items during the move. That's the rumor going around, at least. Either way, an appraisal of the item could be necessary to support you and your claim. Insurance companies will often require appraisals before insuring your item or before settling your claim. A person's will often states that an inheritance is to be split down the middle among many heirs. To avoid starting a family feud, you need to hire an appraiser. Thinking of having a garage sale? Think about all the stories of collectors finding lucrative treasures at garage sales for practically nothing. Call us to avoid being scammed.

Come to us for your appraisals

We are specialists in antiques and collectibles.
We provide a typed, signed report certifying our appraisal.