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Asset Liquidation is a full service liquidation company. Our two principals, Jay Stewart and Bruce Scheiber, have over 60 years combined experience in the business of buying, selling, appraising, auctioning and otherwise liquidating assets of all types, from the ordinary to the unique. We are qualified and experienced in estate sales, auctions, appraisals, landlord-tenant lockouts, and any other type of sale that might meet your needs. We are a licensed Texas auctioneer and real estate broker, which enables us to sell your personal and real property.

One Company - One Sale.
Free consultations are provided to discuss your individual needs.

Jay Stewart - (210) 341-8580

I have been actively engaged since 1988 in selling chattel, personal and real property at private and public auctions; appraisal of personal property to include business, household, antique and estate property. I have been specifically in the business of liquidating assets which are subject to the interests of secured creditors since 1988. I was approved by the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern and Western Districts of Texas as a broker, liquidating agent, appraiser and auctioneer and began working closely with most of the panel trustees in the Western District of Texas, as well as some in the Southern District of Texas. At one time, I handled the majority of all cases for Randolph N. Osherow, Johnny W. Thomas, Helen Schwartz, Ron Ingalls, and Jose Rodriguez, and have also worked for Kim Allen, Martin W. Seidler, Pat Lowe, Steve Sallott, Joseph Hill, Lynda Lankford (all of whom are current or prior Chapter 7 Trustees), as well as several Chapter 11 Trustees, including Henry C. Seals, William B. Kingman, and Gene Timmermans.

In February 2001, after competing applications for administration and family discord, I was appointed Administrator of the Estate of George Laquin Williams, Deceased, under Cause No. 2000-PC-0539, Probate Court No. 1, Bexar County, Texas, and assumed control of, operated, and am in the process of dissolving, the ongoing construction business owned by Decedent, as well as all other assets of the estate, both real and personal.

I have worked closely with the SBA, RTC (when it existed), FDIC, IRS, probate courts, many leasing companies, banks, and their counsel. I am well-acquainted with the laws and procedures of our federal and state courts. I have an excellent reputation as a liquidation specialist who is capable of addressing the entire, broad spectrum of assets to be sold with expertise. My objective is to maximize the return on assets efficiently and expeditiously.

My company possesses unquestioned and proven credibility, with ethical and moral practices. I am licensed and bonded and have exhibited a long history of success. My job, of course, is to make the liquidation process effortless for the client. I have worked on thousands of cases and sold millions of dollars worth of assets. In any event, I am confident that my services will prove to be invaluable to you.